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Administrating user

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For each corporate account an obligatory administrative user is created. Such a user is the only one who has all the possible account's privileges, including creation of other users with limited rights. Additional corporate ID common for all users of a given account, shall be generated automatically.

Login must be at least 6 character long and MAY contain letters, digits, dot and underscore. Password must be at least 8 character long and MUST contain letters, digits and special characters from the list below. Both login and password are case sensitive.

Special characters allowed in password: !@#$%^&*()_+-=[]{}\|;':\",.<>/?

Administrator's e-mail

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Please spell the e-mail carefully and make sure you have an easy access to it, because it is necessary to:

  • finish the registation process,
  • reset administrator's password if you forget it in the future.

It is possible to change this e-mail later, but remember that, for security reasons, there is absolutely no way to proceed with the abovementioned operations without having access to the e-mail address stored in your account's settings!

Argus activation code

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Activation code necessary to create a corporate account is delivered to users when they purchase their first Argus subscriptions.

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