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  1. Detailed features list
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Detailed features list

Features Availability
Retail* Corporate**
IP location
GPS geolocation
WiFi reporting
WiFi based geolocation
Sound recording
Server space limits 250 MB / 750 files + trash 100 / 250
Remote files wiping
Remote files encryption
Client software update
Professional corporate account with multiple users
Mobile USB drive for quick setup in surveilled environment
Comprehensive end user documentation
Specialized archiving tools
Removable Media Monitor to surveil removable media use
Technical support, consultancy and seminars
Negotiable server space limits and individual server option
Nonstandard functionality customizations for individual customers

*) Always available feature set profiled for parental control and protection of personal property.

**) Features, tools and services dedicated for corporate environment and private investigation agencies - available on individually agreed terms of use.


Screenshots gallery

This gallery presents the most important surveilling features of Argus. Screens were taken from Argus Manager, which is one of the system's tools. Click an image to enlarge it.


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