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What is Argus?

Argus is the most technologically advanced business counterintelligence system of its class. It is intended to protect companies and organizations from unlawful behaviour of dishonest employees and competitors. Argus comprises two interacting components:

  • highly specialized removable drives containing Argus client application; once this software is installed on a selected computer, it monitors a way the latter is used,
  • professional, dedicated for a corporate use administration website which handles remote configuration of surveilled devices as well as analysis of gathered eveidence.

Whom is Argus for?

Argus is a response against continuously growing threats of intellectual property theft and industrial espionage. Such a tendency, recognizable in practical experiences of private investigation agencies and business security departments in companies, is also reflected in statistical data of both domestic and international institutions. This is why DuoKomp company and Private Investigation Agency Detectio, working in a strict cooperation, have undertaken an effort to create a professional solution to counteract these dangers.

Although Argus is profiled mainly for applications in business, it is not intrinsically restricted to this scope of use. It can be used in private life as well, e.g. to locate stolen computers, protect children from inappropriate contents, control babysitters or to surveil behaviour of third persons present on private premises.

How does Argus work?

Argus works in 4 important scopes:

  • geolocalization of hardware and its users
  • surveillance of how the hardware is used
  • surveillance of a surrounding environment
  • protection of crucial data

Argus implementation diagram

Additionally Argus provides a number of optional features dedicated for selected corporate users as well as for private investigation agencies. These are particularily the following tools:

  • application Removable Media Monitor, which gives a control over removable media used in a company, so to hinder data and intellectual property thefts,
  • specialized archiving tools to facilitate storing of important information gathered from devices surveillance.

Using Argus is safe, because it utilizes all necessary technologies, including cryptography, to protect gathered evidence from an access of unauthorized persons. Additionally, in order to provide a level of security sufficient to protect confidentiality of information belonging to our customers, we have implemented an individual security procedure dedicated for Argus only.

What can Argus do for me?

Thanks to the features listed above Argus may for example allow to verify if an employee does what he or she is responsible for and if this is done reliably and honestly. This is particularilly important in case of work characterized by a high level of employee's autonomy and mobility. As operational tests have proven, Argus was able to disclose e.g. discrepancies between declarations of sales representatives and actual ways they worked. In some cases a simultaneous work for employer's competitors was disclosed.

Development of Argus has taken into consideration also economical aspects of its use. Argus significantly cuts down expenses which are typically necessary to support appropriate and unhindered surveillance of company's IT infrastructure. This is possible thanks to providing our customers with an instantly available and redistributable solution based on many experiences with variuos cases, which presents gathered information in a user friendly manner and with a strong support for confidentiality.

Thanks to its modular structure, Argus can be individually extendend and customized to requirements of a particular company at significantly lower costs than in case of creating a similar solution from scratch.


The key features of Argus are:

  • location surveillance – using geolocalization modules,
  • behaviour control – by surveilling hardware users and its surroundings,
  • data protection – by encrypting and wiping them remotely,
  • customizability – thanks to modular and elastic structure Argus can be customized to individual organization's needs – both through standard settings panels and individual orders.

Key benefits of using Argus are:

  • protection from dishonest and careless behaviour of employees and competitors,
  • affordable relation between available features and expenses.

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